A Week With Us

Living Faith is a church and education wing filled with people and activities, every day, not just on Sundays. 

Many days the parking lot is full of cars. When you walk into the main entrance in the back of the building you may find a large truck or vans unloading food for the FaithWorks Food Pantry. In the lobby is a large shelf with free bread, rolls and bagels for anyone who needs it. 

On Mondays in Fellowship Hall you will hear sewing machines whirring, scissors flying, and tables with brightly colored quilt tops, just Stitchers of Blessingswaiting to be tied and completed so they can go on a long journey to people all over the world in need of warm quilted blankets. On Tuesdays people gather in the community room working on several projects. Some are knitting beautiful soft prayer shawls to be given to people who are celebrating the birth of a child, or for people who are sick or dying. During the holidays, washcloths are knitted and given away with a bar of soap. Gloves and scarves are made for young children at Knapp School. 

On Food Pantry days there is much laughter and conversation from the people sitting in the lobby, waiting for the food pantry to open. If you take a walk downstairs you may see students from the RUSD Park Transition Group working on computers in the Community Room. If you walk a little farther, you will see people gathering near lunchtime, chatting and kidding around as the Sr. Nutrition Program meal gets ready to start in Fellowship Hall. Dovie, the Child Care Cook is in the kitchen efficiently getting food that she prepared in the morning ready for about 60 hungry children. During the same time, she may share the kitchen with volunteers who are making T.V. dinners filled with homemade meatloaf, green bean casserole and gooey cheese potatoes for those who need help or are just home from the hospital. 

The elevators are full on food pantry day as guests register, while sampling some homemade soup and cookies before they “shop” in the food pantry choosing the foods they really need. One after another, families are helped by volunteers to go up in the elevator and load their food into the car.

Ollie & Guy, our maintenance men zig zag their way throughout the building to get their job done among all the hustle and bustle. As you walk upstairs you will see groups of children playing happily in their brightly colored classrooms. Small groups march and sing songs while they walk to the restrooms to get ready for lunch and rest time. If you use the elevator you will often encounter a child with their parent, who wants to push all the buttons, because riding the elevator is so much more fun than walking up the stairs.

The Park Transition Kids are cooking their own meals on Thursdays, slicing, dicing and mixing so that they may learn to cook on their own someday. Delicious smells permeate the hallways. During the week another group of special needs students from Park move furniture, mop the floors and vacuum the church. 

The church office is relaxed and welcoming with Candy, our secretary, ready to greet you and help you with anything you need. No request is too large or too small.  She's got a great sense of humor, and the ability to listen, truly listen. During the week we have people who search for recovery at the OA & AA meetings held here. 

Senior Friendship Center

As you go up to the first floor, Raymond is coming down the hall in his electric wheelchair, watch out!!  He is going to the Senior Friendship Center. Today they will be betting on horse races, taking communion, and working word puzzles.  A big pot of chili is simmering on the stove waiting for lunchtime. In the conference room serious discussions and questions are being asked at our noon Bible Study. If you feel like you need some gentle exercises, you can join the “Let’s Get Moving” group in Fellowship Hall where chair yoga is being taught, for those who find it hard to get on the floor and almost impossible to get up!

During the week there are also a multitude of meetings taking place, Worship and Music, Nominating, Friends in Fellowship, Church Council, staff meetings and more. In the Parlor two groups of women meet, where they have Bible Study and socialize and work on special projects twice a month. They are the Dorcas Circle and the Rebekah Circle, women who have known and cared for each for years, but welcome newcomers with as much enthusiasm.

On Saturdays, it is pretty quiet except for the myriad of events that happen in Fellowship Hall. We rent out the space for a nominal fee to allow members of the community to use the hall and kitchen for birthday parties, wedding renewals and baby showers. You name it, we have had it.

On Sundays things are really happening!  Worship takes place at 9:30am in a stunningly beautiful church that was originally built in 1909. The service is traditional, like the sanctuary itself. Communion is offered every Sunday, and everyone is welcome at the table. There is a pianist and sometimes an organist to accompany the hymns. “Godly Play” and "JAM" Sunday School programs are available for the kids. Afterwards coffee hour takes place in Fellowship Hall where homemade treats are enjoyed each week with lots of coffee. 

At 4:30 PM each Sunday the Cluster Community Meal welcomes guests from all over the city for a delicious home cooked meal. Churches of every denomination volunteer to cook and serve the food. People come because they are hungry or because they are hungry for companionship.

This is what Living Faith Lutheran Church is all about. It’s about serving people as we would serve Him.