Living Faith Quilters

Visit Living Faith on a Monday morning and you’ll find a flurry of activity in Fellowship Hall, thanks to our quilters! The women of Living Faith have been making quilts for Lutheran World Relief (LWR) for many years. During this time, thousands have been made and sent to countries around the world. In 2017 they made and sent 150 quilts!

Quilts are lovingly made with material donated by members of our congregation and friends of the congregation who hear about our mission and want to contribute. All fabric that comes in is gratefully received and will be used. The quilters will make good use of your drapes, bed sheets, curtains, bed pads, tablecloths as well as bolt fabric. Small pieces are sewn together to make larger pieces.

Don’t know how to make a quilt? You already have the skills needed! On the table they place two large pieces of fabric and a filler layer. Next the edges are turned under to make a hem. A stick pin holds the hem in place. Then they tie knots across and down to hold the pieces of fabric together with yarn. After that the quilt goes to someone who sews the hem in place. Finally, the quilt is packed in a box with loving care.

Quilts are boxed and stored all year long. Each fall all of our boxes, along with others from the area, go by train to Minneapolis, MN where they are washed, put into bails, and stored until requests come from LWR Partner Agencies around the world. In 2017, 332,600 quilts were sent out from the United States. Local missions in other countries request the number of quilts they need from their nearest LWR Partner Agency. Upon receiving them, the quilts are distributed to those in need in the villages.

Living Faith Quilters

The villagers are so eager and pleased to receive your quilt, Their uses are many. It may be used on a bed, or as a rug, maybe as a cover for their living space, and sometimes as a room divider. Sometimes the quilts are cut into smaller quilts for the children in the family.

Won’t you please come and join us? These folks are so grateful for the gift you have given them, and many blessings come back to you.

The quilters meet Monday mornings at 9:00 am in Fellowship Hall at the East Campus.