ELCA Neighborhood Camp

Living Faith Neighborhood Camp

Neighborhood Camp began as a dream. A dream to provide quality summer enrichment to kids who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise. A group of six ELCA pastors got together and created a new program that turned the dream to reality.

Living Faith Neighborhood Camp

Neighborhood Camp is a five week day camp held each summer. It’s a FREE camp where neighborhood kids, ages 6-11, can do some really cool things and learn at the same time. It’s NOT your typical Vacation Bible School, but a program that includes God Time, a theme of the week, field trips and more. A program with paid and trained staff, (many who are in high school or college) and volunteers. A lot of volunteers!

At Neighborhood Camp, kids get breakfast, lunch and a snack every day. Each week of camp has a theme and activities and weekly field trips are based on that theme. Special guests from the congregations as well as the community are also brought in to work with the kids – maybe reading a book to the littler ones or leading a special art project.

Living Faith Neighborhood CampCamp is full of activity from the start of the day until the end – arts, crafts, science experiments, fun and games outside, reading – you name it!

Neighborhood Camp became such a success that camp graduates wanted to volunteer, and then we had a bit of a problem. Too many camp graduates wanted to come back and volunteer at camp. What a problem to have! To address this, Neighborhood Camp expanded its programming to include a program for middle schoolers. The SALT program, Serving and Learning Together was born. SALT is a program that allows middle schoolers to participate in activities designed for older youth as well as volunteer time at camp. A major component of the SALT program is community service.

To learn more about Neighborhood Camp, visit the Racine ELCA Neighborhood Camp Website