One Church, Two Locations

East Campus & Offices
2915 Wright Avenue
Racine, WI 53405
​Wednesday: Traditional at 2:00 PM
Sunday: Traditional at 9:00 AM

West Campus
8700 Durand Avenue, Suite 400
Sturtevant, WI 53177
Sunday: Contemporary 10:30 AM

Welcome Pastor Chad!

Pastor Chad

I’m so glad to finally be here with you all. I’m excited to be able to work alongside you as you continue to do God’s work in the community. I’ve gotten a sense of you all as a group of people encouraged by the Gospel to do good work in the world. I recognize there are a whole slew of good ministries happening here among you; some widely known, and some not so well-known. But again, it’s exciting to be here finally among you to share ministry with you and be your pastor! I know I follow some long-tenured and wellloved pastors. I know they are missed. And I know some of you may feel I have some big shoes to fill. Considering your sense of organization and connection and mission, I also join you in respect for your previous pastors; their ministry and work among you.

But while I honor them, and their work among you… I am not them. Please be aware that I’ll be walking in my own shoes, not theirs. While I respect them (and I know you do too) I’m not “Previous Pastor 2.0”. The previous pastors and I may share some gifts and/or personalities, and we may not. Like them, I will honor your work and your journey as Living Faith! I ask that you remain patient with me as you get used to a new – and different – pastor.

Speaking of differences and changes, I recognize having a new pastor is just one of many changes and challenges you all have been through over these last number of years. Truthfully, I can’t tell you there won’t be any further changes. The world is changing so fast around us, sometimes it feels like the ground we’re walking on is changing under our feet.

I can’t stop all the changes pushing at our doors every day. And I can’t guarantee those changes out there in “the world” won’t impact life here at Living Faith, or even you as a person. Truth is, there are no guarantees like that nowadays. But I can tell you I believe in a God of a New Tomorrow, a God of New Life, a God of Resurrection! I can tell you that I see us leaning into a new future together; communicating together, acting together, praying together, working together, eating and laughing together… and continuing to make a difference in God’s name together. I say “together” because I cannot do anything on my own! I’ll indeed need your patience, your support, your prayers… for sure! And I will need you to walk along side me as I walk along side you.

I can’t tell you what “tomorrow” will look like, but I am asking that we stand side-by-side, helping each other as we walk into a new future together.

~ Peace, Pr. Chad K.